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Warning on Arsenic Levels in Juices

January 22, 2012

There have been recent findings of high arsenic levels in apple and grape juices, including reports by Consumer Reports and Dr. Oz. While no limits have been set for juices, Cyanide levels in many juice brands tested exceeded the threshold for water - set at 10 ppb. Apple seeds are known to contain cyanide, but not arsenic. The source of the arsenic can possibly be from apples imported from other countries. This danger seems to affect both conventional and certified organic juices.

Independent of this story, other research found the presence of arsenic in chickens (bioaccumulating from chicken feed) and in rice. Levels in chicken are particularly alarming, far exceeding what was even found in apple juice. Organic chickens and eggs are safe to eat since the organic chicken feed is not contaminated with arsenic.

As with many cases in nutritional science, issues are debated by experts taking opposing views. Beyond Organic recommends our readers take the conservative route and not drink apple and grape juice sold in stores until further notice. Juicing your own apples will prove safer, fresher, and therefore more nutritious.