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photoAre you interested in achieving optimal health? Let's work together to look at your health goals and get there ... the Beyond Organic way! I'm Rod Csikany, founder of Beyond Organic and a certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach. This site represents countless hours I've spent researching the latest that nutritional science has to offer and applying it to my everyday life. I'm in my early 40's. And as you can see I'm healthy, youthful, and getting results - both for myself and those seeking my advice.

We have such a strong connection to our food. As a foodie myself, I'll show you how you can live a healthy lifestyle AND enjoy your favorite dishes. We'll design a nutrition/supplementation plan that's individualized to you. I take into account any existing medical conditions, food allergies, and lifestyle demands. Other areas we can explore are personal care products, kitchen assessment, and anti-aging strategies.


Consult Rates & Options

  • 20 Minute Consult: FREE
    • Understanding your health goals & issues
    • Setting the strategy
    • Free tools for nutrition management
  • Initial Nutrition Assessment (60 minutes): $90
    • In-depth review of current dietary habits
    • Assess lifestyle and environmental impacts
    • Step-by-step plan to change your health
    • Custom health plan report
  • Follow-up Sessions (45-60 minutes): $45-$60


Consult Options


While based in Phoenix, AZ, I'm also available via Skype or phone. Please contact me to schedule an appointment at the contact info shown here or using the form fields below. Thanks, I look forward to helping you in your health journey.!

* Please note that I'm unable to accept insurance.