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Safe Pesticides

Safe insect repellents exist as an alternative to dangerous pesticides. There are 2 main ways that you can ward off insects. The first way is to either make or buy a spray made of natural sources. Cinnamon is effective against ants. Baking soda mixed with confectioners’ sugar works against roaches. Flies are discouraged by sachets of crushed mint leaves. You can also buy pre-mixed spray bottles at places like Whole Foods Market.

The best way to defend against insects in the garden is with a strategy called companion planting. Many plants naturally discourage insects, and some are even beneficial to the growth of other plants when planted next to 1 another. Here are some plants that act as an insect deterrent.

  • Marigolds - general pest repellent
  • Tarragon - general pest repellent
  • Basil - flies and mosquitoes
  • Garlic - aphids
  • Bay leaf - weevils and moths

For more information on how to safely control pests, visit the NCAP (Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides) website at And if you still aren't able to take control of the pests invading your home, there are professional pest control companies that use natural, safer alternatives to standard pesticides.