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Causes of Breast Cancer

May 12, 2014

Today an eye-opening study was published on the topic of breast cancer. It points to chemicals in the environment as the significant cause. Is it possible that the cure for cancer is as simple as avoiding these chemicals? According to researchers ...

Only 5-10 percent of breast cancers are due to high-risk inherited genes, and 80 percent of women diagnosed
are the first in their family to get it.

While family history and genetics is a risk factor, the new cases of breast cancer are clearly due to chemicals in the environment. Of the 102 chemicals they investigated, the highest priority chemicals to avoid include those found in gasoline fumes, cigarette smoke, cooking (especially charred food), benzene, and the list goes on. The researchers offer some strategies to reduce exposure. For more info, please visit their fact sheet. The full scientific study can be found on the Environmental Health Perspectives website.