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Launch of Beyond Organic Baby Blog

May 11, 2014

As promised, we've launched our Beyond Organic Baby blog! We'll take you through the process - the natural way - for each phase of bringing a baby into this world. First we begin with pre-conception, then the pregnancy phase, giving birth, and finally raising your baby through their first 2 years of life.

Now if you're planning for a pregnancy, your first question may be about when to start cleaning up your diet. If you're able to start 6 months or better in advance, that is absolutely recommended. You want to be in tip top shape before conception. A marathon runner doesn't start training right before the big race, and neither should you. But as we know, not all babies are planned. You're in a 9 month race, and it's never too late to get on the health track. This means eating the Beyond Organic way, switching to pre-natals, and stepping up your B vitamins. If you have more time to prepare, other areas you'll want to invest in your health include getting to a healthy weight, optimizing your thyroid, and limiting exposure to toxins in the environment and beauty products. These can all have an effect on your pregnancy and your baby's long-term health.

Another area you may be thinking through is who to connect with for prenatal care. Is a hospital birth or midwife the better way to go? The answer may surprise you. We'll cover this topic in next week's blog.